We are very proud to support Artists we truly admire by showcasing their work!

Carole jury

Carole Jury is a French born artist

Her signature resides in her broad textured strokes, her ability to capture shadows and lights and her eye for color with canvases from vibrant reds to calming blues, subtle nuances of whites to powerful blacks. Working mainly in oils but also in acrylics, Carole Jury likes to play with materials to express herself: her paintings can be either made on canvas, wood or aluminum, incorporating leather or fabrics.



diego chiossone

Diego Chiossone, a 33 years artist born and lives in Caracas, Venezuela.

From an early age he showed interest in arts. His passion for drawing developed as he sketched his favorite personalities with pencils. 

Over the years, his craft evolved as he experimented with watercolor and acrylic, using vivid colors to create contrasts which accentuate the features of his portraits. Diego's style is identifiable by the spontaneity of his stroke.

After sharing stories and talking about the "feel" of our new Showroom, we picked 3 iconic singers-songwriters and chose the perfect colors!
Six weeks later these beauties were born…

 If you already visualize one of these in your living room, please contact us: 100% of the proceeds will go to the Artists !