bespoke alterations

Your favorite suit no longer fits or perhaps you bought a suit “off the rack” and need the nip-and-tuck that makes it more “made-to-measure” or maybe your suit, once fashionable, needs an update.


For Men: After assessing the suit (and the client’s profession, body type, and overall look), the Brunolds will make their recommendations. These alterations may include substantial work on the jacket (tightening shoulders, tapering and adjusting sleeve and jacket length,) and refitting the trousers (slimming down the legs, refitting the waist or inseam).

For Women: Jackets, Skirts, Trousers, Coats, any element that needs a tailored adjustment or some restyling to make it fashionable.

Monsieur Brunold is the place to go, noted as being one of NYC’s “best” in NY Magazine’s since 2013 “Best Of Guide” your garment will get the attention it deserves.