Made-to-Measure tailoring was created over 70 years ago to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and bespoke suits. It has since become the go-to option for men chasing a suit that has the tailored fit, the sartorial signature of something "made specially for me".

Rather than making a pattern from absolute scratch (which happens in bespoke tailoring), made-to-measure uses a variety of try-on suit shapes that are then very precisely altered based on your morphology (shape) and fit preferences. From this, a unique pattern will be created.

Based on this technical information, over 30 measurements, your posture, the slope of your shoulders, your selected garments are then custom cut and made-to-measure. An added benefit is that you are able to customize many details (fabric, lining, buttons, collar  felt, monogram) in order to make your garment reflect your own style and personality.



After assessing your needs and preferences, Chloe or Charles will guide you through the customization process. With a myriad of fabrics handpicked from the finest European mills, and a full range of customization details, there's every opportunity for you to express yourself through your looks.

Once the fabric is selected, you will be measured for fit. Based on your exact measurements, your personal pattern will be created. It’s the precision of this pattern that enables us to create a made-to-measure suit worthy of the name. 

Made-to-measure is about finding the right balance between fit & comfort

Fast forward 6-7 weeks, your garments are ready for a final fitting.  
To make sure you look sublime, we include one last round of alterations, performed on-site within 5 business days.


Our distinctive garments are based on the Euro-trim silhouette and all jackets feature a full-canvas construction which adds elegance and structure to the jacket.  The combination of tapered shape, soft-shoulder padding, and highly-positioned armhole, is an excellent choice for the man-about-town wishing elegance and figure-flattering style. 


All our garments are made with care in Europe. Our tailors' savoir-faire combines modern technologies with traditional tailoring techniques. A mix of machine-made stitches – for consistency - and handmade operations for that bespoke look - will be used in your garments’ manufacture.