Chloe & Charles went through this exciting journey four years ago, It is their passion to create and design together.

For the past decade, they have been imagining ceremonial attires for their clients in Paris & New York, in close partnership with delightful couples, they proudly contributed to thousands of weddings!

The making of a garment is a complex process which should not be rushed, 
We recommend to schedule your "First Wedding Consultation" a minimum of 9 weeks ahead your special day!


  • During the initial consultation, we discuss the specifics of your wedding. The goal is to help you visualize the perfect outfit you wish to wear on this special day. Getting a full grasp on the theme, inspirations, color codes, enables us to identify the details reflecting your style and personality.
    This complimentary appointment typically lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

  • Once you made up your mind, you can come back for the "real" appointment (60-90 minutes). After selecting fabrics, you will be measured. Made-to-measure is about finding the right balance between fit & comfort.
    In order to enhance your silhouette, we take into consideration your body attitude, posture, shoulders' slope, and combine it with a precise set of measurements. After reviewing the customization details (i.e. lapels, pockets, linings, contrast accents, buttons, monogramming...), the making of your garments can begin... 

  • Fast forward 6-7 weeks, your garments are ready for a final fitting.  To make sure you look sublime, we include one last round of alterations, performed on-site within 5 business days.
This is an exciting time and we would be thrilled to help you design the perfect outfit,
Charles & Chloe Brunold

They chose Monsieur Brunold